The Big Three Framework

Well, that was a task that was much easier for me to tackle and not feel so lost. I find concept maps and mind maps are beneficial for a lot of people and students alike especially those that are more visual learners.

A concept map is used to answer the question, ” Why (not) use ICT’s?” A number of students used the program that was recommended, ‘Gliffy‘, which i had never heard of until the last few weeks. Many fellow students also used another program i have never heard of before, ‘‘. My previous experiences of mind maps using ICT’s have only included using other programs such as ‘iMindMap‘ and ‘Inspiration‘.

To answer the question, i based my response on ‘The Big Three Framework’ proposed by Kirschner and Wopereis (2003). They propose the rise in interest around ICT and Pedagogy is based on three factors:

  • Preparing the next generation;
  • More efficient and productive schools; and,
  • Enhancing and transforming learning.

My concept map is located below. For the life of me i couldn’t get it on this page any other way then as a Jpeg file. Unlike Kristen who managed to get her concept map in without the grid lines, i failed. I dont like, but i couldn’t think of any other way to get it into my blog.

The Big Three Framework

Talk Soon,



Kirschner, P., & Wopereis, I. G. J. H. (2003). Mindtools for teacher communities: a European perspective. Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 12(1), 105–124. doi:10.1080/14759390300200148


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