Prac reflection

Well, i had a lot of trepidations about this upcoming prac, the age group was rather daunting, Prep-1 class to start with. It is a follow on prac for me so I also knew the school didn’t have a lot of ICT’s, which i knew would cause some issues as that is the basis of this unit and requirement to pass prac. UGHHH. There was not a lot i could actually do about it, its a small rural school in a low socioeconomic area and they are limited in internet to boot. Oh well, i just had to make the best of the situation. Turns out that the classroom has a IWB but it’s not interactive and their iPads are very outdated, but there isn’t enough internet speed to update them anyway. There is only the teacher’s laptop too. There is ALWAYS internet issues and half the time a 2 minute video takes forever to buffer. Because the school is small, they also lack all the other little bibs and bobs that would be great to use, like bee bots and stuff.

Oh well, at least i have a lot of practice at work, i get to play with drones, and spheros, and lots of different programs throughout grade 7 to 12. I just found out this upcoming semester i will be support 3 ASD students in designing a website and using wordpress. So even though ICT was severely lacking in my prac, i think i have it covered at work.

It was sad to say goodbye to some of my little preppies, as i have known some them since i looked after them at daycare. On the other hand, it’s great to get back to work, especially when i go to my classes i support and the kids are glad to see me back in their classrooms helping them. Some of them actually missed me!

Now, like Jacqueline, i am madly chasing my tail and trying to catch up madly on assignments because you dont get anything done while your on prac. And i won’t even start about the housework ! ARGHHH!


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